What Is the Best Age to Travel with Kids

Photo by Yogendra Singh from Pexels


One of the most common questions asked is: "What is the good age to travel with my child?". You and I know that it's a complicated question. Each traveling plan, traveling child, and traveling family has its own dynamics. But one thing I can tell without hesitation is to try to travel with your kids regardless of their age. Allow time and opportunity to present themselves because they aren't getting younger and neither are you. 

Here’s a quick guide to help you know what to expect when traveling with kids:

0-3 months: It is not recommended to travel at this age unless it is absolutely necessary, particularly for first-time parents. Babies are often calm, so what's the problem with that? The problem is they sleep and wake up at the oddest of times which can be a bummer if you're onboard a longer flight. Moreover, parents are still stressed and moms may even be recovering from childbirth which can be difficult when you're in the middle of a flight. Another reason we suggest travel when necessary is that babies are susceptible to disease. It's no fun when you're miles away from home with a sick newborn.

3-9 months: This is one of the best ages to travel with kids. Babies sleep a lot and aren't walking at this stage. All you need are a couple of bottles of milk and baby supplies to ensure a worry-free trip. For new parents who are still figuring out how to be parents is one of their biggest challenges when traveling with babies at this age. It is normal to not know a thing or two about babies since everything is still completely new to you, but trust us... you'll do great!

9-12 months: This is about the age where your baby learns to crawl. It can pose a lot of challenges, particularly for new parents. If your child is active, he or she would want to go wherever they want and may fight their way out of it. We highly recommend having a baby seat for your little ones as it can be a great help on longer travels.

12-18 months: Once your child starts walking you're in for a treat. Unless you have calm and mellow children, one-year-olds can be challenging to bring with you on your travels since they are too young to understand and follow instructions and you can't discipline them. The trick is to get them distracted most of the time. This means that you need to bring snacks, books, and toys to play with to deal with their short attention span.

18-24 months: This one is also a challenge since they can walk, but not yet rational. This is the age where you'll be starting to discipline your child. You are also able to keep them entertained by lending them your phone or tablet. At this age, girls tend to develop verbal skills a few months earlier than boys which means this age is often easier for girls than boys as they are able to express how they feel.

2-3 years: Children have a more sustained attention span at this age and all you need to do is hand them phones or tablets to keep them entertained. Your methods of discipline are more effective at this age as they can follow your directions.

3-4 years: Taking your daughter or son at this age would be a breeze. They can sit still in a two-hour-long movie, and be able to tell how they feel. You'll still have distractions from time to time but tablets and phones will save the day.

4-5 years: Most children at this age are at their preschool stage therefore they are used to listening to authority figures and following rules. They can watch movies or play games for hours on the phone or tablet and your trip will be less problematic.

5 and up: If you've been traveling with your child before then your kids won't be a hassle at this age. All you have to worry about is their behavior on the trip, but regardless if they are cranky or bored their behaviors will be easily manageable.

In conclusion, there is no best age for traveling with kids. Each age group has its pros and cons, and no age stands out as the best. Why wait for the perfect age when you can travel now?