Tips For Keeping Your Passport Safe When You Travel

Your passport is very important when you travel abroad. Losing it, having it stolen, or getting damaged to the extent that it isn't usable means that you'll have to get another one in your embassy which can usually be a hassle and not to mention costly to get you back home.

Since prevention is better than fixing the problem that shouldn't have occurred in the first place, we put together a list of tips to ensure your passport remains safe for the duration of your trip.

Pay Attention To Your Surroundings

Majority of properties getting stolen occurs when traveling is when the victim is not paying attention. Whether you are at the airport, hotel, in-flight, or elsewhere you need to be mindful of your surroundings.

Remember to conceal your passport to the best of your ability when you're traveling abroad. Make sure it is securely stored in your bag, backpack, and the suitcase you may be bringing around with you.

Leave Your Passport at the Hotel

Even though your passport is a form of identification, you don't have to bring it with you all the time when you travel abroad. The safest thing you can do to secure your passport is in a private safe in your hotel where you also store your valuables.

If you need to bring an ID, you can bring your driver's license or any type of government-issued ID. You can also bring a copy of your passport as a form of identification.

When you leave the passport in your hotel, you'll protect it from anything that might destroy it like water. If you are to travel in wetter places, invest in a high-quality waterproof cover to protect your passport.

Have Multiple Copies

Make multiple copies of your passport's ID page. This can be a hard copy or a soft copy. Give the copy to someone you trust like your friend or family member. They can provide you with one in case of an emergency while on your trip. You can also keep multiple copies of your passport with you.

Consider Getting a Money Belt

It may not be a good idea, fashion-wise, but carrying your passport in a fanny pack is the safest way to travel. Your money belt keeps your essentials in a secure place and out of potential thieves.

One Passport Per Adult

Some people make the mistake when they travel in groups to have one adult be responsible for all their passports. This action means losing more passports all at once rather than keeping them the same. Each person is responsible enough to carry their passport and if you have kids, spread out the kid's passports among adults to minimize the passport loss in case of theft.

Check Your Passports Regularly

Check regularly if you are still carrying your passport especially if you are traveling internationally - but do it in private. If you make it obvious, you'll be prone to thieves and scammers because they know that you are not one of the locals.

Know Your Travel Insurance Coverage for Passports

Many travel insurance plans include coverage for lost or stolen passports and may even have one who’s had their identity stolen while on the trip. Read your travel insurance plan carefully and know if they can help with your passport when it is stolen while on a trip. Your coverage will pay a portion of your emergency passport replacement costs and help you find the nearest embassy or consulate.