Stroller Safety Tips

Photo by Tatiana Syrikova from Pexels

Photo by Tatiana Syrikova from Pexels


If you're like most parents, you are likely to have at least one stroller for your baby. Baby strollers are designed to make life with your precious ones a lot easier. Whether you're taking a stroll at the park, running errands, or going to the mall, strollers provide tremendous help to parents and caregivers alike.

But did you know that in 2016, here were 10,000 stroller-related injuries treated in the emergency room? Although strollers can significantly help parents, not everyone knows the potential dangers their baby can face while in the stroller.

The best way to avoid these preventable injuries is to know about stroller safety. Below are some safety stroller tips to remember:

Activate the brakes whenever you stop or idle


It is recommended to activate the strollers brake whenever you stop or idle. When locking the brakes, make sure to start it on both wheels instead of one for added security.

The best type of stroller brakes has locking mechanisms than the one that relies on pressure to stop. Make sure that stroller brake levers are positioned to where your child can't accidentally unlock it.

Secure your baby with seat belts and harnesses


Babies love to wiggle and move around; that is why strollers' essential feature is the seat belts and harnesses. The best type of seatbelts is the five-point harnesses. These restrain your baby in its critical places like the shoulder, across the waist, and between the legs. If your child requires support, you can use small baby blankets and use them as bumpers.


Don't exceed the weight limit.

Strollers often have weight limits imposed on them. You must follow these weight limits as if you put your baby in a stroller that exceeds its weight limit it may become unstable.


Never Leave Your Stroller Unattended

Always stay close to your stroller. Do not leave it unattended with the baby inside. Leaving it alone could possibly roll away, get too hot, or your little one might slip out and get trapped. Always stay close to where you can see or hear your baby.


Be Careful When Folding the Strollers

Take caution when folding stroller. Please keep your child at a distance to make sure that their small fingers won't get pinched in the hinges. Additionally, make sure that the strollers are fully folded. Strollers often spontaneously collapse when it has not been fully folded. This is another potential safety hazard that can put you or your child at risk. Read the instructions to know how to properly fold and unfold the stroller.


Knowing about stroller safety is important for you to avoid injuries while you are out with your baby.