How to Safely Travel By Air with Your Kids Amidst The Pandemic

Even if you haven’t personally flown since the pandemic started, you'll be surprised to know that flying is different than it used to be. Regardless even if you want to fly for necessity or pleasure, here are some things you need to know before you travel amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

They Need to Wear a Mask

Children under two years old are advised to wear a mask in the airport and on the plane. COVID-19 can spread when people breathe, talk, cough, or sneeze. Wearing a mask can stop the virus from reaching your kids.

It's not all about wearing a mask because you also need to know how to wear them properly and teach kids to wear it is just as important.

Remind them to keep the masks on all the time and it should always cover the nose and mouth.

If medical masks look too boring to them look for masks with their favorite movie characters, animal characters, or silly prints. A personal touch can make it a normal part of their routine.

Wear Face Shields

Letting your kids wear face shields in addition to face masks can provide additional protection against COVID-19. Since the face shields extend from the forehead, it protect your kids eyes, nose, and mouth. The coverage that face shields offer is ideal since the virus can enter the body through these points.

In a 2014 study, face masks when tested against influenza helped reduce the exposure by 96%. The face shield also reduced surface contamination of a respirator by 97%.

If the face shield cracks or becomes damaged, do not use it anymore. Face shields are widely available today and can be bought in bulk. This makes it easier for you to change a damaged face shield with a new one.

The Middle Seats Will Be Blocked

Most of the airlines will be blocking the middle seats, but don't worry because you can still sit next to your kids if you request it. It is possible that you cannot select seats together on the seat map, but you can give the airline a call or resolve it at the gate to move your kids to the empty middle seat to make your flight easier.

Ready Your Alcohol and Cleaning Wipes

While airlines have enhanced cleaning procedures, you don't know if they are cleaning in between flights. Even if they do, there's a high chance that the plane is not 100% disinfected.

While it's true that alcohols and cleaning wipes are available onboard, it won't be available most of the time. Therefore, pack alcohol and cleaning wipes to wipe down your child's seat, table, seat belt, and disinfect them.

Flying with kids during the pandemic may sound impossible, but it isn't. If you take the precautionary measures, pack what you need to be self-sufficient, and prioritize safety over comfort, you'll get to fly with your kids without any worries.