Do's and Dont's When Travelling with Kids

Photo by Susanne Jutzeler from Pexels

Traveling is one of the best experiences you can share with your kids. There is no greater gift than venturing into new adventures, meeting new people, and learning about different kinds of cultures around the world. Taking your kids along with you when you travel brings priceless benefits.

But traveling with kids can be a challenging experience. There is nothing worse than being on a plane with crying babies or tantrum-inclined toddlers. When your kids freak out, it can be uncomfortable not just to you but to the people on board the flight. Don't be that "parent" on the airplane with a screaming baby. Below are some do's and don't when traveling with kids.

Do - Arrive at the airport early. Arriving at the airport first will give you some time to sort out seating issues and take advantage of the airport's pre-boarding offer. The extra time allows you to manage any inconveniences diaper blow-outs without getting too pressed for time.

Don't - expect any help from anyone. While there are still good samaritans out there, don't expect that you'll get it all the time.

Do - Time your flights to your baby's sleep or mood patterns. Expect that you'll be busy making sure you'll get to the plane without any issues, and having your baby in a good mood or best yet, asleep can make it easier.

Don't - Ignore that your baby is tired or expect that they'll doze off during their naptime.

Do - Bring stuff for kids to do. Bring their favorite toys, gadgets, or anything that will keep them busy during the flight.

Don't - Forget the chargers. If your kid's gadget dies mid-flight, then you're in for a treat.

Do - Bring kid-friendly airplane snacks. Crackers, cereal bars, mini muffins, apple slices, and cereal bars are best examples.

Don't - Bring messy snacks. Chocolate, cheesy chips, yogurt, or anything that can cause a mess can be inconvenient to you or somebody else on board.

Do - Sit near bathrooms, particularly if your child needs to pee often. You don't want to be moving back and forth across the aisle often. Also, take your kids to the bathroom before boarding the plane.

Don't - let your kid go to the bathroom just because they want to.

Do - Pack lightly. Make sure you bring your kids essentials such as foods, gadgets, toys, battery packs, diapers and bring in your essentials.

Don't - Overpack. Sure unexpected things can happen, and bringing more diapers than you think you might need can be a lifesaver. Still, if you overburden yourselves with baggage, you'll have fewer hands available for your kids.

Do - Bring antibacterial wipes and sanitizers. Planes are dirty, and you wouldn't want your kids to catch a disease when traveling.

Don't - Become too worried about germs. Remember, they are kids. They'd probably touch anything if given a chance. Just don't forget to sanitize them often.

Do - Bring headphones for your kids to enjoy while they are playing games or watching movies.

Don't - forget that nobody wants to hear what your child is watching or playing. Keep the volume down even if they're on headphones.