10 Stroller Hacks Every Parent Should Know

Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels


As a parent, we need to look after our child is our responsibility and our joy. After all, what could be better than taking care of our little ones and providing them with the protection they deserve.


A stroller is a necessity that we parents need, but taking not only the stroller but whatever your baby needs such as diapers, snacks, toys, etc can be a pain in the neck. It can be extremely cumbersome trying to calm down your crying toddler while juggling the stuff you bring and at the same time pushing around the stroller.


You don't need to buy expensive gadgets to make your stroller life easier. If you want to up your stroller game, check out these stroller hacks:


Use a drink holder to prevent spillage

Do not put drinks and baby bottles in the stroller basket to avoid message spillages. Having a drink holder attached to the stroller is the best way to prevent spills from ever happening.


Keep your baby cool with battery-operated fans

Babies complain when they're hot and you wouldn't want them complaining. A great way to keep them cool is to attach a portable fan on the stroller handlebars or overhead when you're out and about. Make sure to keep it out of children's reach to avoid accidents.


Keep stroller upright with ankle weights

Sometimes when we're too busy shopping, we forget that we put too much weight on our baby's stroller which is what makes it trip over. A cheap and effective hack to prevent the stroller from tipping over is to put ankle weights on the front of the stroller around the bottom of its legs.


Protect your stroller from getting stolen

If you're in a situation where you have to leave your stroller behind, then this hack can prevent it from getting stolen. Use a bike lock to secure your strollers. Bike locks are light, easy to carry, and can easily prevent thieves from getting your stroller.


Color code the parts to help with assembling

If you're as confused as we are when trying to assemble the strollers especially if we've just used it just recently, a good hack is to put color-coded stickers on your stroller to remind you of what part does the assembling and disassembling.


Keep stroller secured with bungee cords

Keep your stroller secured while in transit by wrapping it with bungee cords. This will not only avoid the stroller from falling, but also allow for more room for other stuff in your cars such as groceries, or even camping gears.


Protect your stroller with stroller bags

Often when we put strollers in our car we end up with scratched, dinged up, or even a broken stroller after transit. A great way to protect it from getting scratched, damaged, and make it look as pristine as ever is to invest in a high-quality stroller cover.


Use binder clips and blanket as a sun shade

Oftentimes the stroller's sun canopy won't be long enough to protect your baby from the harshness of the sunlight. Use a light-colored breathable blanket over the canopy on the front of the stroller to add shade. The binder clips will keep them in place.


Increase safety at night with reflective tape

If you're always going out with your baby at night put pieces of reflective tape so it is more visible.


Save space by hanging the stroller up

If you find that there isn't always enough room for your stuff because the stroller is getting in the way, a great way to store strollers is by hanging them. All you need is a durable door hook that can carry the weight of the stroller.